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Biography [1/4]

Whitebread Soundsystem was founded on February 11th 1995 in Dresden, Germany, on the occasion of a Reggae dance celebrating the 50th birthday of the Honourable Robert Nesta Marley. At that time Noppi and Axel, the two members of the DJ crew, had already been fascinated by Reggae music and Jamaican popular culture for years. The anniversary offered an opportunity to present their, still fairly small, collection of records to the people. Initially it was not intended to continue performing after this session if it hadn’t been for the response of the crowd.

At that time Jamaican music was ignored by the majority of party people in Dresden and Reggae sessions took place almost exclusively in more or less isolated small clubs at the outskirts of the city. Thus it was high time to bring the sound to everybody and this is what Whitebread Soundsystem was about to do with a vengeance. Much more people than expected turned up at the Elypso and transmogrified the small cellar club into a steamy Reggae dancehall. There was no choice, Whitebread had to carry on.

Their early repertoire consisted predominantly of Roots and Cultural Reggae and Dub Poetry, but changes were to be made soon. Already in 1995 the musical focus shifted to a sound that was coming fresh from the U. K. - Digital Dub. Spearheaded by artists like the Disciples, the Iration Steppers and Alpha & Omega the Digidub producers were able to combine the minimalism and intensity of Dub Reggae with the capacities of computer technology. The repertoire of computerised Dub should form the foundation of many Whitebread sessions back then, playing alongside national and international artists like the HYPNOTIX from Prague, the ROOTSMAN (Third Eye Records/ Bradford) and Bristol's STATIK SOUND SYSTEM.

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